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A long Journey !


Born in March 1943, married with Louise in 1969, father of two children, François and Philippe. 54 years of marriage on May 2023 ! 

François is a lawyer in his own firm. Philippe is a blue collar at the City of Montreal. Louise, my life partner, had a career at Radio-Canada before devoting herself to the family and later to the management of Oyat Inc.

I am a pre-boomer, a direct product of the quiet revolution of the early 1960s in Quebec, Les Insolences du frère Untel and the Parent report.

 Jobs & Places of Residence

Annuitant / volunteer 2006
My  consulting firm 10 years
Bell Canada   23 years
IBM Canada   2 years
Polytechnique    2 years
C.I.L.   2 years
City of Lachine   1 year

Places where I have lived

Lachine, Beloeil, 
Ottawa, Montreal. 
Otterburn Park, Toronto, 
Cap Rouge near Québec city,


B.SC. Physics  University studies in physics and with teachers Hubert Reeves 1964, Pierre Demers 1970 and Henri - François Gautrin 1970

Coming from a modest family, I was the beneficiary of a loan/grant from Prêt d'honneur by the Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste. 

Master of Education ¾ completed but interrupted for a promising new job.

Additional training: courses in information technology, administration, marketing, accounting, surveying and meteorology.

Einstein 1905
My reading as a student in 1963

Einstein 1905 French translation after 107 years

 Business travel

Participant with the Canadian business community at the G7 Information
Highways in Brussels in 1995

Contracts in major cities of eight (8) Canadian provinces and more often in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.

Work in many US States including the cities of Dallas, San Diego, Scottsdale, Washington DC, Reston, Denver, etc...

London, Brussels, Paris and Berlin to conduct training sessions for my private corporations clients  and also attend specialyzed high-tech training courses for myself. 

Oyat Customers

Business clients served by my company Oyat Inc, a federally chartered corporation formed in 1996 and dissolved in 2005.

Attention: nothing to do these days with another new Oyat in Montreal!

Bell Canada, Telus Canada, AllStream (AT&T), Télébec Ltée, Québec Téléphone,  Mouvement Desjardins, Tésésat
Bell Mobilité, Institut international télécom, 
Nova Scotia Tel, BC Tel, BC Government, Statistiques Canada, Paradyne Canada, Newbridge CA (Alcatel), Marconi Canada, Ontario Hydro, Northland Systems Training,
Bank of Mtl, Royal Bank, Scotia Bank, CIBC, 
A T & T US, Worldcom MCI US, 
NSI Communication (Mtl & San Diego US), 
Micromuse PLC UK

Consulting services and advanced training in 6 Canadian provinces, 3 American states, London, Paris and Berlin.


- Low speed Internet access before the www in 1991 with Gopher text mode, Veronica 
and Archie

- High speed Internet in 1996 in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville under a Bell Quebec trial. Subsequently and for several years, I have used both Vidéotron and Bell high-speed Internet at the same time as a residential client.

- Owner of commercial web sites:

    1999 and 2003 site

    1999 PDF and PDF 2003

- Fore Systems Certified Instructor
    First Canadian instructor certified

- In 2003 First to offer an advanced SIP course in eLearning format. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), VoIP Voice-over-Internet-Protocol Suite.

- In 2001 First to offer MPLS on-site courses (US & Canada)   Multi Protocol Label Switching 


First PC at work in 1983 and 1986 at home

Teaching in 2001 to researchers at 
AT & T Research Center in Middletown, New Jersey

Technical lectures to the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and at the RCMP police school around 1990

Training technicians of Bell, Télébec and Québec-téléphone via my company and  ITI International Institute of Telecommunications

Host private and public technical courses & seminars in Canada, the USA and London.

In 1999, 1st Canadian instructor certified on Fore Systems ATM network equipment, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fore was successively acquired by General Electric, Marconi and Ericsson.


I did a touch up of Hubert Reeves genealogy and obtained his acceptance and thanks.

During my university studies, I had the experience of a math teaching contract to a grade 10 (today called secondary IV) class of girls in a  school run by nuns in Chomedey de Laval !

At CIL in McMasterville, I was responsible for quality testing on explosives for the U.S. Army (TNT, nitroglycerin (dynamite), PETN, etc...)

As a technician in Ottawa, I studied meteorology during 3 months, took weather measurements and made the inscription of data (temperature and wind speed and direction) on weather maps for meteorologists. 

Surprise, as a federal employee at the Department of Transport I had to take the prints of 10 fingers and swear allegiance to the Queen in English! Thank you!

My life at Bell

From non-manager employee to level I manager and level II manager 

In the sale of competitive data services and customer network maintenance services. Consultant for Bell Canada International, and National Director of Dataforce Maintenance Services 

Director responsible for government and para- governmental accounts including ministries, Hydro-Québec, Loto-Québec, GEGEPs and hospitals. 

Director in charge in the banking industry: Caisse Pop, Desjardins Group, National Bank and the Montreal / Equifax Credit Bureau. 

Director and leader of technical seminars specialized in computer communications and networking. 

Attended numerous high tech & specialized training courses and seminars in the United States

My life at IBM

Attended 6 months of Intensive courses at the IBM Training School in Don Mills, Ontario. 5 days per week, 6 hours per day, evening and weekend work!

Courses in computer science and programming, study of the the 370/VM and the VM/370 virtual operating mode line of large computers.

Entrepreprise management and administration courses. Development of communication skills, selling and customer contact skills.

Assignment: specialist at the IBM technical support in Montreal with a specialization in computer communications and CICS software

I still remember my first experience to boot alone one Saturday morning the biggest IBM 370/165 computer system in Montreal used by time-sharing customers !

My life at Oyat Inc

Creation of a series of highly technical courses and seminars on networked computing and the Internet on the Internet Engineering Task Force, IP communications protocols

Instructor led courses

T1 & SONET - 2 days
X25 & X75 Protocols - 3 days
Asynchronous Transfer Mode - 2 days
FRAME RELAY - 2 days
MPLS Label Switching - 2 days

Sale of courses and seminars to resellers, manufacturers and telecom operators.

Automation of just in time production and delivery of Oyat material. Leader of many specialized courses and seminars by myself, or my employee or those of my distributors

Computerized accounting and payroll provided by my wife with my technical support and of our professional accountant

Sales of eLearning training sourse on VoIP Session Information Protocol (SIP) on CD ROM in English across the world. Sales in Quebec, Ontario, the United States, including a memorable sales in Taipei, Taiwan.

Oyat websites and business clients detailed in other sections above

My life elsewhere... Polytechnique, CIL, City of Lachine

Job as a technician in the Department of Physics at École Polytechnique of Montreal. 

Lab technician and instructor duties for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year student labs. Design of new laboratory labs to be completed by students. 

City of Lachine 
During my university studies, for 2 summers of 4 months, for a total of 8 months, I was employed in the engineering department of the City of Lachine. Assistance to engineers, industrial drawing of road plans, sidewalks and lampposts, surveying, construction permit management and application of regulations.

Employment as a laboratory technician at Canadian Industries Ltd. of Mc Masterville to test the quality of chemical products, chemical fertilizers and glycerin for the production of nitroglycerin and dynamite. 

Pollution measurement in chimneys, in the air inside the plant, in wastewater and in the air at the perimeter of the CIL site. 

Scouts & Maison des Jeunes


Leader of a troup of 24 Cubs between 8 and 12 years old (including my 2 sons, Philippe and François) in Saint-Bruno.

Respectively Baloo and then Akela of the troup for 5 years in the early 80's.

Weekly meeting, winter camps and summer camps ... phew!

One year, I personally sold 50 Scout lottery tickets at $ 100 each on the 120 tickets sold by the local movement!

Maison des Jeunes de Saint-Bruno

At the time when it was located on the Chemin de la Rabastalière on the other side of the post office. 

Volunteer maintenance of computers and printers. 

By combining the total of our volunteer hours, President Pierre Vézina and I were able to qualify for a $3000 grant from our employer Bell Canada. A significant sum at the time!


Web sites 

Realizations of websites made free of charge for members of my family and friends! A particular case, but always voluntarily, the website of the new and young mayor of my city. See the section:


I gracefully did genealogy research for family and friends. In particular research on the religious Besner, the Besner in the Klondyke and 3 Besner doctors in Maniwaki.

As a modern genealogist, I am an online subscriber to the Drouin Genealogical Institute's database, PRDH, BMS2000, Ancestry World. I make my own tree models.

My tools 

A high-performance HP EliteBook business model Windows Pro PC 
Lots of software tools 
An iPad to test my sites 
A Samsung Galaxy smartphone


 I was a member of the Société d'histoire de Montarville. I designed their first Internet website on a voluntary basis. I digitized for the SHM and the city of Saint-Bruno, the paper guide containing the historical and heritage route of the city.

Article in the Journal de Saint-Bruno on behalf of the Computer Club in 2008 at a time when home router installations were gaining popularity

My most recent CIMBCC article

I took courses at the Barreau du Québec from Me Lefebvre in copyright, music and images. 

I consult the civil code and the laws of Quebec, the procedures, the judgments from various courts, the legal court proceedings at the court desk, the civil and criminal scribblers. For 6 months, I attended civil trials in Montreal.

I do research in the Quebec Land/building Registry, in Infolot and in municipal evaluation and tax rolls

 My favorites

My favorite readings

Stephen Hawking a wink to his book THE GRAND DESIGN !

The Manhattan Project by Cynthia C. Kelly

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

La liste de mes désirs par  Bernard Delacourt

My favorite hotels

I love beautiful hotels for architecture, history and sometimes for modernism. 

These include the Paris Lutetia, the La Jolla Hilton in California, the Fairmount Hotel in Vancouver, the Château Frontenac in Quebec and the Manoir Bonne Entente in Sainte-Foy.

My health

Like an 80 year old car !

There are still many kilometers left despite the hazards:   

  • 2010 - 3 one-day surgeries
  • 2012 - open heart operation -                   valve & 2 bridges
  • 2015  - 2 one day surgeries
  • 2022  - 1 one day surgery  cancerous melanoma & lymph nodes removal 

In short, an old car that has a slightly different problem every day !

The mental

At the CHUM in 2022, I was frequently asked to validate my name. Before going into the proton emission machine, I was asked my name again, as a nuclear physicist I answered EINSTEIN !  🙂  

My carbon footprints

My first youth ! 

In the first 10 years of my life, my family was completely ecological: a single radio, a phonograph, a rotary telephone, no TV, natural gas heating, one bath per week, local purchase, little used car , no travel. 

My old age !

 Some 3000 km auto per year, composting for 40 years, no back pool, no waste, end of travel, volunteering, fully autonomous in  old age, walking and meditation, continuation of my long quiet journey of more than 52 years with my wife Louise. 


I leave the succession of our youths to decide on their future without any feeling of having unduly contributed to the current climate changes.

☁ Requiescat in Pace

Catholic cemetary of 

Je sais ou je m'en vais pour le dernier repos ! Mais je ne suis pas pressé ! 🙂